Stainless Steel Coil - AISI316L(5507)

Surface Finish:Bright Annealed
Thickness:0.150 (mm)
Width:94 (mm)
Wgt:24 (kg)
Qty: (Length/No. of Coils)1
ST Cert No:DO1402654
Case / Heat No:4J418
Elongation %:52.00
Tensile M/mm2 to:654
Hardness from:152
Hardness to:160
Element Composition
C : 0.02
Cr : 16.73
Mn : 1.36
Mo : 2.04
N : 0.03
Ni : 10.04
P : 0.03
S : 0.00
Si : 0.31

Price: £100.00

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